10th January 2021 : The latest Guitarist magazine featured Keith's Duncan Cruttenden Esquire guitar. ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR get a mention too, as the guitar is being used to record the band's second album.

Above : Duncan Cruttenden Esquire being used to record with ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR.

1st January 2021 : Sad to hear that Mott the Hoople keyboard player, Mick Bolton has died. He came up to say hello to Keith after a ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR gig at the Lexington in London. He mentioned how much he enjoyed the band's show.

Above : Mick Bolton (Mott the Hoople) and Keith.

3rd November2020 . The Nirvana cover album (with a track performed by ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR), is available on bandcamp.  I have put a link for you below.


6th August 2020 . I heard that YESTERDAY'S SUNSHINE TODAY album, with a track by ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR, received a four star review in Shindig magazine's latest issue.


29th June 2020. Received my vinyl copy of YESTERDAY'S SUNSHINE TODAY. An album featuring cover versions of Nirvana (60's psychdedelic band) songs.St Johns Wood Affair were invited to record their version of a Nirvana song.

Nirvana Yesterday's sunshine today


Above : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR have a track on this album.

13th February 2020. ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR hope everyone is keeping safe with the Coronvirus spreading across the world. It's impossible for bands to play live at the moment. We look forward to playing live again, when we can.

Gibson Les Paul Standard Keith Smart ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR APULSTOCK

Above : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR playing live in 2019.

25th February 2020 : St Johns Wood Affair are knocked out to have a song on this album. It celebrates the music of the psychedelic band Nirvana. Fabulous songs written by Patrick Campbell Lyons  and Alex Spyropoulos. Bands from all over the world have covered their favourite songs. I still have the “All of us” vinyl album, by them. I bought this while still at school! Who knew that I would record and play live with them years later. We recorded a version of the song “St Johns Wood Affair." The album is due out August 2020



13th February 2020. Keith has been adding guitar parts to some of the ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR songs.


ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR are busy recording their second album. It will be out in 2020!

Above : Carlton laying down the drums.


Above : A quick break for Keith. There is a lot of Gibson Les Paul on the new ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR album.

Above : Anne adding some keyboards. As well as the Korg M1, she has been using a Nord.

18th August 2019. ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR played at the SMOKE AND FIRE FESTIVAL, in Maldon, Essex. We had a super time and loved playing to the crowd. Thousands attended the event.




20th July 2019. ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR played at APULSTOCK festival.

Special audience and a great venue. Here are a few photographs of the day.


15th June 2019. ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR had a great time playing at The Wallington Music festival. Wonderful crowd and a super venue. To watch some of the gig CLICK HERE.



19th November 2018. Just received a copy of the album "12 string high" Volume 3, Keith

and Francine are featured in a song of Keith's on this album. The double album celebrates the 12 string guitar. Released 17th December 2018.



18th August 2018. ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR played at Apulstock 2018.


Above : Ready to rock and roll at Apulstock.


Above : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR on stage at Apulstock. Pic by Steve Flynn Media.


Above : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR on stage at Apulstock. Pic by Steve Flynn Media.

12th August 2018. ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR played at Bowie'sBeckenham Oddity.

August 2018The band played a set of ther own songs, plus some by David Bowie.


Above : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAI.R on stage in Beckenham. Photo by Gaz de Gere.


Above. The Cat in the hat. photo by Gaz de Vere.2018. K


Above : Keith with Maggi Ronson.


Above : Singing Memory of a free festival with Tony Visconti, Woody Woodmansey, Maggis Ronson, Phil Rambow and some of the other band members who played.

11th August 2018. Keith played at the Sidmouth Folk Festival. He played a set of Ronnie Lane songs backed by Adrian on guitar.


28th July 2018. Keith and Adrian played at the Devon air ambulance fundraiser in Seaton.

June 2018. ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR have been invited to play Apulstock 2018.

May 2018. ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR will be playing at the DAVID BOWIE festival in London, 11th August. We will be playing some original songs and some Bowie songs. The event was mentioned on David Bowie's official web site. Iman mentioned it on her Instagram account.


January 2018. Keith has been busy writing and recording new songs for ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR.

December 2017. You can watch Keith on the Antiques Road Show, New Year's Eve on BBC1 at 8PM.

He was invited onto the show with his  ex Marc Bolan/Mike Oldfield guitar. This is the instrument used a lot with ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR.


Above  : On the Antiques Road Show.

22nd September 2017 :  Keith Smart and Adrian Hillier, played a set of Ronnie Lane songs, at the Alley Cat in Denmark Street, London. The event was to celebrate  the launch of a book on the life of Ronnie Lane.  Keith played Ronnie Lane's Zemaitis guitar (he has owned it for a number of years).


Above : On stage at the Ronnie Lane book launch.

12th August 2017 : ST JOHNSWOOD AFFAIR played at BOWIE'S BECKENHAM ODDITY FESTIVAL, in Beckeham. We played a set of our own songs, plus a few Bowie songs. Lovely setting and a fab audience.

Above : Almost ready to rock, Adrian limbering up on bass.

Above : View from the bandstand.


Above : Ready to rock!

23rd July 2017 : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR had a fab time playing at Apulstock. Great crowd.

Above : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR on stage.


Above : Quick photo after the show.



Above : Malcolm Dewhurst and Keith.


May 2017 : This clip was filmed in Portmeirion, "I am you" by ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR.


May 2017 : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR will be playing at a Bowie festival in Beckenham on 12th August. We will be playing our own songs, plus a few David Bowie songs.

March 2017 : The ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR album received a good review in the March edition of Scootering magazine.

17th February 2017 : Keith was asked to supply some lead guitar in the studio by John Fallon of American band The Steppes. John's album will be out on vinyl, later this year.


Above : Keith recording some lead for John Fallon of The Steppes album.

November : 2016 The current Small Faces mag has two pages about Keith's musical adventures, including St Johns Wood Affair.


29th October 2016: Keith played a solo acoustic gig. He inlcuded a selection of ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR songs.


Above : A solo gig from Keith 29th November 2016.

September 2016: The St Johns Wood Affair album is out on CD! Ordering is easy, just send a message via the CONTACT tab. You will then be sent a PAYPAL invoice, you can decide if you want to pay it. The CD costs ten pounds in the U.K. This includes postage and packing. Overseas is slightly more.

August to September 2016: Keith has been playing around the West coast area performing his own songs (as featured on the ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR  CD).

30th July 2016: Keith will be playing at the sea front in Seaton at 6PM, as part of Seaton Air ambulance week. Come along to hear Keith play some original songs (as played in ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR), plus some classics. All for a great cause.


11th June 2016 : Keith played a set of Ronnie Lane songs at the Small Faces convention, with Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Billy Nicholls and Steve Simpson (Slim Chance).


Above : Steve Simpson, Glen Matlock, Keith and Billy Nicholls on stage. Photo by David Coombs.

Above : Keith on stage 11th June 2016. Photo by legendary photographer Derek D'Souza.



30th May 2016. Keith interviewed by Simon Calder for his American radio show. Subjects covered included playing with ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR, recording at Ringo's studio and of course, guitars!

Above : Keith with Simon Calder.

15th May 2016. ST Johns Wood Affair played at The Lexington in London. The Most also played. Great evening, all proceeds went to the Pete Quaife foundation. A very worthy charity. You can watch a clip of ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR playing a song from the gig. CLICK HERE TO WATCH CLIP


Above/Below. St Johns Wood Affair on stage at The Lexington London 15th May 2016

                                                                                                     Photographs by Charlie Jarvis.


5th May 2016. ST Johns Wood Affair rehearsal.

May 2016. ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR are looking forward to playing at the Terry Reid CD launch on 15th May in London. The Most are also playing, should be a great night. It's all for a worthy charity, THE PETE QUAIFE FOUNDATION.

April 2016 : Keith's  ex Mike Oldfield / Marc Bolan Telecaster was featured on BBC Breakfast. They gave a brief history of it, as part of Vinyl record day.

Above : Keith's ex Mike Oldfield / Marc Bolan  Telecaster on BBC Breakfast 14th April 2016.


March 2016 : Very sad news. Mick Baker, who played bass with ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR for a while has passed away. A fabulous musician and lovely person. He will be sadly missed.

Above : Mick Baker on stage with ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR at Apulstock 2014.

February 2016 : Keith has been working on an interesting project. He has been given the demos of songs by former Kinks bass player the late Pete Quaife. He was given the songs by Daved Quaife . So far, Keith has recorded his version of one song "10 summer dreams".


January 2016 : Some interesting gigs in the pipeline for ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR. Stay tuned for details.

December 2015 : The ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR album is due for release in 2015. Here is one of the songs "Electric clouds". The video features photos of the band playing live and in the studio.  Click here to watch the video

October 2015 : Keith's ex Mike Oldfield /Marc Bolan Fender Telecaster is featured in the November edition of Guitarist magazine.

The November edition of Guitarist magazine, features Keith's ex Mike Oldfield Telecaster.

26th September 2015 : Carlton (SJWA drummer) popped in to see Keith. Lots to talk about, the SJWA album being released in the near future. Also the Sky Saxon tribute album (featuring SJWA), being released soon.

Above : Keith and SJWA drummer, Carlton Jarvis.


12th September 2015 : Keith appeared at the Small Faces convention in London.

Charlie Hart  Steve Cradock

Above : With Steve Cradock and Charlie Hart on stage 12th September 2015.

15th August 2015 : Keith played ana acoustic gig. He played a few sets, including one of Ronnie Lane songs. Keith played Ronnie Lane's guitar and told a few stories about Ronnie between songs.

Above : Playing Ronnie Lane's guitar.


December 2014 : The book "The Strat in the attic2" is published. It features stories about various rare guitars (including two of Keith Smart's).  The ex Marc Bolan/ Mike Oldfield Telecaster used by Keith in ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR is pictured on the back cover. There are other colour photos inside, including Keith playing the guitar at a ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR recording session.

Marc Bolan Fender Telecaster Mike Oldfield Fender Telecaster Tubular Bells

Above : The rear cover of  "Strat in the attic2"showing Keith's guitar aqcuired from Mike Oldfield.

marc Bolan's Fender Telecaster  Mike Oldfield's Fender Telecaster Tubular Bells

Above : Keith playing the Ex Marc Bolan/Mike Oldfield guitar  in the studio with SJWA.

13th September 2014 : Keith Smart played a short set of Ronnie Lane songs using Ronnie Lane's Zemaitis resonator, at The Small Faces convention in London. For the last song Glen Matlock of The Sex Pistols and The Faces came up on stage to sing Debris. Stan Lane introduced proceedings, then came on at the end to say  a few words. Photo by David Coombs.

Glen Matlock, The Faces, The Sex Pistols, Zemaitis guitars

lLeft to right : Stan Lane, Glen Matlock and Keith Smart (with Ronnie Lane's guitar).

July 2014 : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR had a great time at Apulstock 2014. It's a festival for people with special needs. Lots to see and do there, they even had a TARDIS and a DALEK on display!! We set a video camera up at the side of the stage. You can watch a clip of the band.


Above : Keith at Apulstock 2014. Thanks to Shutters photography and Makaela Papworth

Above : Mick at Apulstock 2014.Thanks to Shutters photography and Makaela Papworth


Above : Carlton at Apulstock 2014. Thanks to Shutters photography and Makaela Papworth


July2014 : We had a great rehearsal ready for Apulstock. It''s very warm , so it was a relief to find the studio was air conditioned!

April 2014 : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR are appearing at APUL STOCK on 19th July 2014.

7th March 2014 : Finished the new ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR video. LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE was recorded by a stripped down version of the band (Keith and Francine). It's a mostly acoustic song. Click here to watch the video

7th February 2014 : In the studio finishing LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE.

21st January 2014 : In the studio to record LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE. It's mainly an acoustic song. Keith plays THE SAZ, a Turkish instrument on the track Francine plays THE SHRUTI BOX, an Indian instrument on it.

Above : Keith with guitars, ready for the recording session. The Saz (Turkish instrument) in his hand.

19th January 2014 : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR had their song SKY FOREVER played on GLORY BOY  radio.  You can listen via the link, we are featured 52 minutes into the show.



December 2013 : Been recording demos at home, will be going  into the studio to re-record the best songs for the album soon.

October 2013 : Contacted by VIRGIN RECORDS, they want to borrow the Fender Telecaster that we use in the studio for a lot of the ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR recordings. The guitar belonged to MIKE OLDFIELD, he used it for all of the electric guitar parts on TUBULAR BELLS. Virgin are celebrating 40 years, their biggest seller was TUBULAR BELLS. So the guitar is on display in London for 10 days next to Mike's Grammy!

August 2013 : Compiling the songs for ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR's album. We almost have enough tracks now.

May 2013 : Mick Baker joins ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR  on bass. Mick is a musician's  musician. He needed to be, being a Pro player and backing chart artistes. Mick is a natuarlly gifed player, play him a song and he joins in!

April 2013 : SJWA are now on Reverbnation. You can see photographs, news , listen to music and watch videos on there. 

September 2012 : I made a video to accompany the ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR song SKY FOREVER. I filmed the AVEBURY STONES to compliment the music. The track will be out on  the SKY SAXON tribute cd out soon. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO


July 2012 :  Been very busy writing/recording also playing music. I have been sorting through clips of the band playing live to use in a video promo for the SKY FOREVER track that is coming out very soon on  the SKY SAXON tribute CD.

February 2012 :  I heard from KCOU.FM that their listeners gave favourable comments to ELECTRIC CLOUDS when it was played on the radio station. I sent a copy of I AM YOU and heard from DJ Josh that he liked the songand was playing it on his show.

16th January 2012 :  I was contacted by JOSH BOHM of America radio station KCOU FM . Josh wants to play some St Johns Wood Affair on his show. I sent him ELECTRIC CLOUDS. He is ging to broadcast the song and hopes to speak with me on air when the SKY SAXON tribute CD is released. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO RADIO STATION KCOU.FM


December 2011 : St Johns Wood Affair have been rehearsing hard for forthcoming gigs.


1st November 2011 : SKY SAXON tribute album update. ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR have two tracks on the SKY SAXON tribute CD, their version of "Where is the entranceway to play". The other track is a song celebrating SKY SAXON, it's called "SKY FOREVER". Contributors to the album include, The Bangles, New York Dolls, Iggy Pop, Davey Jones (Monkees), Strawberry alarm clock, The Electric prunes, Arthur Brown, Fuzztones, Hawkwind, The Tubes to name but a few. It will be an amazing album. Stay tuned for more details as they arrive.


25th October 2011 : Francine and Keith were invited to THE FACES book launch and also a preview of Ronnie Wood's latest paintings. Ronnie Wood, Kenney Jones, Mick Hucknall and Sir Peter Blake were there.

Above : Ronnie Wood and Keith, the Glimmer twins.

ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR  played Rock the Park on 23rd & 24th of July 2011

in Petersfied, Hampshire. The concert was raising money for HELP FOR HEROES.

We played  Saturday and Sunday evening. The band had a great time, thank you for coming along.

Above : 23rd July 2011, Keith with Zemaitis guitar. Photograph by Martin Hesketh.

Above : 23rd July 2011, Carlton THE POWER HOUSE on stage. Photograph by Martin Hesketh.



Above : 23rd July 2011. Francine on stage at ROCK THE PARK. Photograph by Martin Hesketh.


Above : 23rd July 2011/ Anne on stage at ROCK THE PARK. Photograph by Martin Hesketh.


ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR  are playing Rock the Park on 23rd & 24th of July 2011

in Petersfied, Hampshire. The concert is raising money for HELP FOR HEROES.

We are playing  both days, for the full line up check the ROCK THE PARK web site.




15th June 2011 : Filmed our rehearsal. You can watch a clip of SJWA playing SKY FOREVER. This is our tribue to SKY SAXON of THE SEEDS.CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Above : 15th June 2011. The band run through the ROCK THE PARK set.

Above : 15th June 2011. Francine at rehearsal.

Above : 15th June 2011. Keith with Zemaitis Disc front guitar.


11th May 2011. St Johns Wood Affair are now on Twitter  @theSJWA

Above : Ken the Third on bass.

14th March 2011. Rehearsed with new bassist Ken the third.

2011. Latest news. St Johns Wood Affair have two tracks on a tribute album for legendary Seeds front man SKY SAXON, due to be released in the summer of 2011. The band recorded a cover of  "WHERE IS THE ENTRANCE WAY TO PLAY?" Other artists who are appearing on the album include IGGY POP, Davey Jones (The Monkees), Hawkwind, The Dammed, Arthur Brown, The Electric Prunes, John York (The Byrds), The Tubes, Kim Fowley and more. As well as covering one of the songs from the Seeds album "Future", I wrote a song for Sky called "Sky forever", that is also on the forthcoming album. More details to follow.

Click here for OFFICIAL SKY SAXON web site

4th December 2010. In the studio with the new line up of ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR. New bassist Pat Martin added 5 string bass to the two new songs that we were recording. We recorded I AM YOU and FANTASTIC BOOK OF COLOURS. The latter is the longest song that I have ever recorded. It was almost 8 minutes long! After I played the guitar solo at the end I noticed that my fingers were bleeding. Francine added sultry backing vocals and maracas to both songs. Carlton was very brave and stayed in the "Loud room" to play drums as I played guitar.

Above : A quick photo shoot in the snow during a break in recording.


Above : I was pleased with the guitar sound that I got. I used my Epiphone Revolution Casino, played through a Vox Pathfinder amp.

Above : Anne (keyboards) and Pat (bass) chose to stay in the "Quiet room".


Above : Pat recording using his 5 string bass. His bass playing on I AM YOU is very melodic.


4th November 2010. We had a great time at Filthy McNasty's in Islington. We backed singer Kelli Ali when she sang TINY GODDESS.

Pat and Carlton were not there, so we did not have bass or drums. We played our versions of ORANGE AND BLUE and also FLOWERS FOR FRIDAY. It was an acoustic evening, but I still managed to make my guitar sound strange! Patrick read from his book PSYCHEDELIC DAYS and closed the show singing I BELIEVE IN MAGIC, ALL OF US and RAINBOW CHASER. The crowd loved him. It was a really good venue and everyone enjoyed the show. Click on the link below to see a clip of St Johns Wood Affair playing  FLOWERS FOR FRIDAY.

Click here to see a clip of the band

4th November 2010. Francine supplied backing vocals and tambourine. Photograph by Ian



4th November 2010. I enjoyed the gig, the venue was full of interesting people. It was a treat to hear Patrick read from his book. The photo shows me singing/playing FLOWERS FOR FRIDAY with ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR. We also backed Patrick on some of his songs. We backed Kelli Ali as shes sang TINY GODDESS. She has a unique voice and is a really lovely person. The evening ended with a Tribal Fusion dance by Kimberly Mackoy. Photograph by Ian Tillotson.


4th November 2010. Patrick reads from his book PSYCHEDELIC DAYS. Photograph by Ian Tillotson.

October 2010 : We have been running through a few Nirvana songs for a "Happening" we will be playing at in November. It will be a stripped down St Johns Wood Affair, as Carlton and Pat will not be appearing.

August 2010 : Original bass player John left due to other work commitments. Thank you for your playing  in the past  John.

The band were very lucky  to find Pat Martin to handle the low end of the music. Pat played bass and supplied harmonies in UNICORN. Their first album "Uphill all the way"(issued under the name The Late) was very psychedelic.

Unicorn released a number of albums including "Blue Pine trees" and "Too many crooks". The latter featured a really superb song called No way out of here (Dave Gilmour did a cover version of it).  A couple of  Unicorn's albums were produced by Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour.  Photographs of Pat to follow..............

7th August 2010 : I went to the studio to mix CAN I BUY YOUR THOUGHTS.

7th August 2010 : Emergency trip to the studio to remix SKY FOREVER. I took out the Rickenbacker 12 string to allow more of the Hammond organ to show through.

6th August 2010 : It's my birthday! In the evening Finished mixing SKY FOREVER and finished vocals on CAN I BUY YOUR THOUGHTS.

5th August 2010: Full band in the studio to record backing for SKY FOREVER and CAN I BUY YOUR THOUGHTS.

6th July 2010 : Back in the sudio. Replaced the bass on Clouds Hill, also added some 12 string acoustic. Remixed Clouds Hill.

2nd July 2010 : Another studio visit. Final mix of Clouds Hill, The Tripster and Electric Clouds.

22nd June 2010 :  I nipped into the studio to add vocals and guitars to Clouds Hill, The Tripster and Electric Clouds.

Above : Let's climb the old tractor....as you do!


Above : A break during recording and a chance to get out in the Surrey countryside.


Above : Anne playing Yamaha DX 7. This classic keyboard belonged to the English pyschedelic band Nirvana. The flute sounds on it were used on the song we were recording "Electric clouds".


21st June 2010 : ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR back in the studio to record three original songs "Clouds Hill", "The Tripster" and "Electric Clouds".

13th June 2010 : Patrick Campbell Lyons popped round to hear the cover of The Seed's song  we had recorded "Where is the entranceway to play". He asked to hear it quite a few times, so that was a good sign! He liked our version. I played him three original songs that we are due to go into the studio shortly to record. He liked the sounds and was chuffed to hear that I used the Yamaha DX 7 synth that Alex Spyropoulus gave me. That keyboard is on quite a few Nirvana albums. It has a wonderful flute and also harpichord sound. Anne is going to be using it when we go into the studio next week.While he was here he had a go on Mike Oldfield's Fender Telecaster.


Above : Patrick Campbell Lyons of the 60's English (actually Irish/Greek) pyschedelic band Nirvana playing Mike Oldfield's/Marc Bolan's old Telecaster.

20th May 2010 Recording session.

Above : A quick photo outside. I am holding a guitar to let you know I am the guitarist, Carlton is also helping out by holding drum sticks.


Above : Carlton manages to turn my guitar volume down  in his monitor.

Above : It's 10.25PM and Francine is adding her backing vocals.

Above : Anne with Korg M1 keyboard in the control room.


Above : I must top up my tea levels.


Above : The band gather in the studio in leafy Surrey

2010 St Johns Wood Affair  web site goes live